Are YOU focused to improve you  finances?

But see that something just isn't right...

You work and work but still see your bank account stay the same..

Then I have a few questions for you?

Do you constantly find yourself focusing on your failures and struggles?
Do you live a fast-paced and competitive lifestyle that burn you out?

Do you regularly feel stress, peer pressure and anxiety related to achievements?

If you can recognize yourself in the statement above...

I'm happy to let you know that Business Mindset Coaching will address all the mind blocks that keep you stressed out, broke & stops you from living your full potential​!

Benefits of Money Coaching include

  • Addressing your goals, ambitions and roadmaps
  • Support and accountability identification 
  • Reshaping your focus and motivation
  • Acknowledging your multiple strengths and talents 
  • Acknowledging your feelings and emotions 
  • Accepting and challenging the mindset and approaches 

 Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it ”​

- Steve Maraboli​

Richa Chandra 

Savvy Females mentor Richa Chandra is a multipotential soul with a unique passion for dance, meditation and business coaching.


She has over 5000 hours of experience in coaching and meditation with a solid track of satisfied clients from all over the world!


Richa is a certified NLP practitioner, meditation teacher and coach with numerous courses on mindfulness, money mindset and business branding.


She works mainly with entrepreneurs and business owners executives, with a significant focus on branding, visibility and mindset. 


Richa's programs are developed carefully to strengthen the principles of leadership, goal orientations and mapping, attaining the breakthrough point and all while having an abundance mindset and conscious decision making.


She enjoys working with female leadership and entrepreneurs in particular, with a sense of building a responding community. 

    For your mindset to change...

    One has to find out which believes that control ones life & find the right way to eliminate these to plant new seeds!


    Richa Chandra 

    5 x 60 min sessions to work on your mindset & believes around money! 

    • Love Money & Let Money Love YOU!



    • Identifying and clarifying goals and outcomes!



    • Negotiations and deals!

    • Understanding your numbers! 



    • Brand understanding!



    • Marketing plans!




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    Are YOU ready to change your mindset NOW?

    I love these one on one coaching sessions, specially from one who has so much experience and knowledge on how to stay grounded. Richa made me feel powerful and I felt my body language changed.

    Prasantha Devulapalli

    Leadership Coach and Business Owner -PD Management and Consultancy

    We have been collaborating with Richa for almost 2 years and it has been a really nice journey so far. She is a dedicated person with extensive experience and knowledge.

     Amna Wasim

    Department manager, Briga AS Språk & Kompetanse


    YOU get 50% OFF & can start RIGHT NOW!

    Business success is 80% MINDSET. 

    Improve your mindset to improve your life.


    Eliminating your negative beliefs will open up for abundance to flow freely to you and through you.


    The right mindset can give you EVERYTHING you desire.


    And so much more...   

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