Hey Sister - is this YOU?

You feel overwhelmed and struggle to juggle all of your doings..

You keep setting goals but struggle to manifest them into reality..

You keep wondering what actually happened, with the time, that mysteriously disappeared behind you..

Perhaps you're having a health issue or struggle with inner unbalances?

If the answer on one or more points is YES...

I'm happy to let you know that there is ONE THING that can change it ALL


...enlarge your perspective and encourage you to understand yourself and interpret what is going on around you. It is all about decoding the signals we are receiving.


...can provide you with the right tools to handle your challenges  within f.ex...

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems
  • Breakups
  • Sorrow
  • Financial challenges

Meditation benefits...


  • Reduction of stress
  • Anxiety control
  • Promotion of emotional health
  • Enhancement of self – awareness
  • Increment of attention span
  • Reduction of memory loss associated with age
  • Generation of kindness and happiness
  • Significant in the fight against addictions
  • Contribution to a better sleep
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Control of pain
  • Maintenance of healthy relationships

“There is no technique that have changed my life as much as meditation. Starting to meditate regularly gave me a whole new perspective of myself, the world around me, the life I did live and the life I wanted to live. In the same time it probably trippeled my capacity to work with the divine & limitless potential we all have access to”​

Tove Lovisa Bergkvist, CEO/Founder Savvy Females

Richa Chandra 

Savvy Females mentor Richa Chandra has over 30 years experience of practicing meditation...


After a traumatic event when Richa was 11 she started to meditate. She turned to higher power and she got the answers in form of feelings, and intuition. She discovered how to use meditation to make difficult choices and decisions of life.


The same strong intuition guided her to quit her job and start her own businesses. She is now succeeding in the game of business and taking her companies to new  heights every day


Richa is a multipotential soul with a unique passion for dance, meditation and business coaching. She has over 5000 hours of experience in coaching and meditation with a solid track of satisfied clients from all over the world. 



    For meditation to work...

    One has to find the right kind of technique that suits them and their purpose & intentions!


    Richa Chandra 


    • Recognize the needs

      WHY do you want to start meditate and what are your expectations?

    • Learn how to practice

      Professional guiding in how to use your technique in a way that suits you

    • A personalised plan for when to practice

      Find the ideal times for YOU to make sure your practice stays alive.

    • Design your own technique

      Specially designed for your individual personality, lifestyle & goals 

    • Implement your goals & vision in your practice

      Learn how to implement your goals and vision into the practice to allow them manifest into your reality sooner rather than later. 

    • Each Session is 60 min

      You have the freedom to choose freely how many you want.


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    • WHY Meditate

    • Benefits of your practice 

    • Proof that it works

    Are YOU ready to start your practice NOW?

    I love these one on one coaching sessions, specially from one who has so much experience and knowledge on how to stay grounded. Richa made me feel powerful and I felt my body language changed.

    Prasantha Devulapalli

    Leadership Coach and Business Owner -PD Management and Consultancy

    We have been collaborating with Richa for almost 2 years and it has been a really nice journey so far. She is a dedicated person with extensive experience and knowledge.

     Amna Wasim

    Department manager, Briga AS Språk & Kompetanse


    Time is your most valuable asset!

    Meditation will help you gain more clarity over all areas of your life. 

    Meditation will increase your capacity to use time effectively.


    Meditation will help you see what is important for you and what is not.


    Meditation will help you to make choices from your pure intentions.


    And so much more...   

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